Android Asteroid – CANCELED

Android Asteroid – CANCELED

Metro Music Bar
Brno, 20:30

The Prague band Android Asteroid was founded in 2012 by Tomáš Konůpka and Jan Pospíšil, who until then were both members of The Navigators. After the release of the eponymous Android Asteroid album, they were offered to record at Red Bull Studios London together with producer DJ Vadim and singer Yarah Bravo.

Fan support got the band to Abbey Road Studios London in 2013, where they recorded the songs that formed the basis of their second album, Live at Smecky Studios, Abbey Road Studios London, Red Bull Studios London. Prokop Motl’s documentary was also made on the band’s trip to England.

The album Íkaros released in 2014 by Indies Scope was nominated for the Angel Awards in the hip-hop category.

Amoeba, their last year’s album, is somewhat different from the rest. The melancholic beat has been replaced by a dance groove sound. Get ready for a concert full of glitter and dancing.