Electro Deluxe Big Band (FR/USA) feat. B-Side Band (CZ)
Electro Deluxe Big Band (FR/USA) feat. B-Side Band (CZ)
23/10/24 Sono Music Club Brno

Big Band
Electro Deluxe FR/USA
feat. B-Side Band CZ

An electrifying show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The French phenomenon, which sells out thousands of venues in its home country, is coming to the Czech Republic for two exclusive concerts. The seven-piece funk soul formation and its vocalists will be joined by the entire horn section of the nationally renowned B-Side Band for two concerts – on 23 October in Brno and one day later, on 24 October, in Prague. It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy Electro Deluxe in an extended big band line-up, as only the French audience can experience it.

Nicknamed the “lambs in wolf’s clothing”, Electro Deluxe combine funk, soul, R’n’B and hip-hop in a mix of irresistible grooves that make you want to dance. They’ve been on the music scene since 2001, and in the more than two decades since, they’ve earned the favour of critics and audiences alike. Their last four albums have topped the French music charts. And they do it with a repertoire written entirely in English. The last album the band can present is 2019’s Apollo. 

Get ready for an electrifying show that will leave you breathless – Electro Deluxe concerts are not only musical masterpieces, but also unbridled fun that will put a smile on your face and literally charge you with positive energy. The mesmerising vocalist James Copley is also one of the most distinctive frontmen in the musical universe.