Jazzanova + Electro Deluxe – NEW DATE

Jazzanova + Electro Deluxe – NEW DATE


Sono centrum
Brno, 20:00


Jazzanova’s music has deep roots in old-school jazz or soul, but they combine these styles with the club-oriented present of electronic music, hip hop and fascination with Latin America. This unique mix gives their recordings timeless quality and will be enjoyed by musical gourmets unbound by labels. In more than 13 years of their existence, Jazzanova has brought elegance and precise musicality to club music, borrowing sensitivity to dance rhythms as a trade-off. They are respected by both camps, as evidenced by the invitation to the Montreux jazz festival. But regardless whether they play for jazz fans or in the club underground, the goal of the mission is always the same – in the words of Alexander Barck: “Our music takes the listeners on a trip”.

Electro deluxe 


Six sought-after instrumentalists from the French funk-jazz scene and the elegant American singer James Copley. Seven wolves in sheep’s clothing: the first impression is ingenuous – you would invite the guys home, but come showtime and they turn into ruthless predators. Their name also confuses, referring to their beginnings with electro jazz in 2001, but their contemporary blend of funk, soul and jazz is simply “electrifying”. They are back in Brno for the fourth time, bringing a brand-new record album titled Apollo.