Kudla z Brna (CZ — double concert)
Kudla z Brna (CZ — double concert)
27/11/24 Brno

(double concert with Steven's)
z Brna

A well-known Brno singer-songwriter with a band in a box.

Kudla from Brno, a Brno singer-songwriter with a band in a box – as he describes himself. Martin Kudlička founded the bands Lidopop and Zadáci, but he has made a name for himself in the minds of listeners without them ever having heard his name. He wrote the lyrics for the album Tulák po hvězdách by the Brno legend Progres 2 or the new album by the big band B-Side Band Tam a zpět, and he also collaborated with the composer Petr Skoumal.

Like Kudla from Brno, Martin Kudlička makes do with just his voice, guitar and a looper. This gives him an amazing freedom to communicate with the audience. He can go practically anywhere the mood of the moment and the mood of the audience takes him. As part of Groove Brno, he will perform at the Metro Music Bar on 27 November, promising a special set tailored to the festival.