Majkls & friends (CZ)
Majkls & friends (CZ)
20/11/24 Metro Music Bar Brno

& friends

Colourful soul songwriting with a distinct retro feel.

Although they are still at the beginning of their journey, home-grown festival acquisition Majkls & friends are winning over more and more fans with their specifically coloured soul songwriting with a distinct retro feel. The current line-up – Štěpán Podrazil (drums), Pavel Dobeš (bass) and Shela Milotínský (guitar) – crystallised around the singer and keyboardist who performs under the name Majkls.

At Groove Brno they will be playing in an expanded line-up called Majkls & friends, where the four-member core of the formation will be joined by a brass section consisting of trombone, saxophone, trumpet and a pair of female vocalists. If you want to enjoy a concert by a band that is still in its infancy, but has all the more enthusiasm and musician’s heart, you can’t go wrong with Majkls.