Steven’s (CZ — double concert)
Steven’s (CZ — double concert)
27/11/24 Brno

(double concert with Kudla z Brna)

Although the Steven's from Carlsbad have been winning one blues showcase after another, they will be rocking out at Groove Brno with an energetic brass section.

Steven’s from Carlsbad have been winning one blues showcase after another – they rose to the top by winning the Blues Alive talent contest in Šumperk called Blues Aperitiv, and in May they scored points at the Czech Blues Challenge. But that doesn’t mean they don’t belong at a festival with ‘groove’ in its name. The band, led by young multi-instrumentalist Štěpán Kordík, can really rock the stage. Especially when backed by an energetic horn section.

The young band from western Bohemia has released a studio album (called Runnin’ Man) and a live record. On both you can hear that the blues is basically just a formula for Steven’s, which they handle in their own way, with a youthful energy and a cheekiness that can tear even the biggest nasties apart. That’s exactly what happened at Blues Alive and in March this year when they opened for blues legend Walter Trout. And although we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, we’re sure they’ll win over the Brno audience as well.

At Groove Brno, where they will perform at the Metro Music Bar on 27 November, they will bring material from their second studio album, which was produced by Miroslav Chyška, the guitarist of J.A.R. or Dan Bárta’s bandmate, among others.