Tower of Power (USA)
Tower of Power (USA)
16/7/23 Sono Music Club Brno

Tower of Power USA

The concert has been rescheduled from the 2022 edition of Groove Brno. Ticket holders from the original date will have their tickets remain valid.

“What is hip?”!

The band Tower of Power that performs for more than 50 years and its horn section recorded with Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Elton John, or Santana is going to move your hips with their energetic charge. Already with their first album East Bay Grease, they managed to get noticed by the San Francisco promoter and impresario Bill Graham, who was responsible for the music careers of Grateful Dead or Jeffersons Airplane. The debut album was signed and released by Graham’s Filmore Records. After years of their growth Tower of Power became synonymous with the term The Oakland Sound.

After all the hometown of the band, Oakland, declared a day in the calendar as a day to celebrate the band’s historical impact! 

Together with Tower of Power, there will be another significant music formation performing on 9th November – New York band Spyro Gyra. During their concert, you’ll hear material from more than 30 albums from which most earned the title of platinum and gold albums. 

Emilio Castillo – sax
Doc Kupka – sax
David Garibaldi – drums
Roger Smith – keys
Tom Politzer – sax
Adolfo Acosta – trumpet
Mike Bogart – trumpet
Jerry Cortez – guitar
Marc van Wageningen – bass
Mike Jerel – vocals